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On Monday, January 30th, fourty restaurant owners gathered together for a meeting with Mayor Darrell Steinberg to discuss the pressing issue of safety and cleanliness in the city.

The importance of a safe and clean city to the restaurant industry and the city at large cannot be overstated. Safe and clean environments protect the health and well-being of both employees and customers, and also attract more business. A unclean or unsafe city can deter potential customers and harm the reputation of the entire community. That’s why the Sacramento restaurant owners came together to demand action on the issue and propose solutions like Measure O sweeps, hospitality zones, and lighting upgrades, as well as consider drafting a ballot measure to promote safety and cleanliness. By addressing this critical issue, the restaurant owners are not only benefiting their own businesses, but also contributing to the improvement of the city as a whole.

The group discussed launching a potential ballot measure aimed at promoting safety and cleanliness in Sacramento. The measure would seek to enhance lighting, street aesthetics, street cleaning, wayfinding, and additional measures to reduce homelessness. These improvements aim to create a safer and cleaner environment for both residents and visitors, benefiting not just the restaurant industry, but the entire city.