Region Builders is a trade association for architects, contractors, engineers, and other firms related to the design and construction industry.

We are the region’s most dominant trade association for advancing economic growth in the building industry.

While we’ve successfully led multiple high-profile campaigns to support development projects like the Golden One Center and the Wilton Rancheria Casino & Resort projects, our core focus has been on regulatory reform, streamlining the building process, reforming zoning and planning codes, reducing fees, and setting up our members for success.

The Board of Directors of Region Builders is comprised of twenty-five of the top industry leaders from the Sacramento design and construction industry.

Dan Ramos, RAMCO Enterprises


Accelerated Minor Label Permits

Minor labels are inexpensive permits for minor electrical and plumbing residential and commercial installations.  Region Builders worked closely with the Sacramento City Community  Development Department to develop this program that allows purchase minor permits in bulk with a streamlined process at a 40% reduction in cost.

Reduction in Planning Commission Process

Region Builders successfully advocated for a streamlined the public approval processes through the merger of the Sacramento City Planning and Design Review Commissions as well as the elimination of the Rancho Cordova Planning Commissions.

Voters Decide Not Bureaucrats

Region Builders successfully lobbied the regional transportation authority board to defeat a proposal that would have allowed a transportation allocation by voters to be raided by outside interests. The proposal would have created an environment where the voters could be promised funding for a specific project and have their will overturned by un-elected bureaucrats.