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The Sacramento Region Builders Association is a trade organization that represents architects, contractors, engineers, and other firms that are related to the design and construction industry. As the region’s most dominant trade association, Region Builders is dedicated to advancing economic growth in the building industry and providing its members with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Region Builders has a proven track record of success, having led multiple high-profile campaigns to support development projects like the Golden One Center and the Wilton Rancheria Casino & Resort. The organization’s core focus, however, has been on regulatory reform, streamlining the building process, reforming zoning and planning codes, reducing fees, and setting up its members for success.

One of Region Builders’ key achievements is the Accelerated Minor Label Permits program. This program allows for the purchase of minor permits in bulk with a streamlined process at a 40% reduction in cost. Region Builders worked closely with the Sacramento City Community Development Department to develop this program, which has helped to make minor electrical and plumbing installations more affordable for residential and commercial clients.

Another major accomplishment of Region Builders is the reduction in the Planning Commission Process. The organization successfully advocated for the merger of the Sacramento City Planning and Design Review Commissions, as well as the elimination of the Rancho Cordova Planning Commission, resulting in a more streamlined public approval process.

Region Builders is also committed to protecting the rights of voters and ensuring that their decisions are not overruled by unelected bureaucrats. The organization successfully lobbied the regional transportation authority board to defeat a proposal that would have allowed outside interests to raid voter-allocated transportation funding. This victory ensures that voters’ decisions will remain in place, even when they are challenged by outside forces.

Region Builders is a driving force in the design and construction industry, and is dedicated to supporting its members and advancing economic growth in the region. Whether it’s through reducing fees, streamlining processes, or protecting the rights of voters, Region Builders is committed to making a difference and helping its members succeed.