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The Sacramento Region Restaurants Association is an organization founded to represent and serve the restaurant industry in the Sacramento region. Home to a thriving restaurant scene, the industry plays a vital role in the economic and social fabric of the city. With a focus on advocating for a fair and equitable regulatory environment, the Association aims to reduce unnecessary burdens and streamline the permit and licensing process for restaurants.

One of the major achievements of the Association has been the passage of Measure O, a measure aimed at cleaning up homelessness in the city. This victory was the result of the Association’s tireless efforts to represent the industry’s perspective on laws and regulations impacting restaurants. The Association has also successfully stopped a minimum wage increase and a soda tax, both of which would have had a significant impact on the industry.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association established a grant program to support restaurants facing financial difficulties. The program provides much-needed financial assistance to help these businesses stay afloat during these challenging times. The Association has also continued to provide operational guidance, up-to-date information on regulations and trends, and invites to industry-only training and educational events to its members.

Being a member of the Sacramento Region Restaurants Association provides restaurateurs with the opportunity to become part of a tight-knit community and ensures their industry is represented and served. The Association bridges the gap between the restaurant industry, government, and the press, and works to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship and job creation.

In conclusion, the Sacramento Region Restaurants Association has a long history of advocating for the restaurant industry and working to create a supportive environment for its members. From the successful passage of Measure O to the establishment of a grant program for restaurants during COVID-19, the Association has made a significant impact in the city. If you’re a restaurant owner in the Sacramento region, consider joining the Association today to ensure your voice is heard and your business is represented.