Region Restaurants is a trade association for restaurants and other firms related to the restaurant industry. We are the region’s only local voice for the restaurants industry.

Founded in October 2016, we already successfully had a string of victories that support our regional restaurants. We successfully advocated for a $2 per hour Health Care Credit provision in the Sacramento City Minimum Wage Ordinance because it rewards employers who are providing high-quality health care coverage and incentivizing them to keep it.

Additionally, we successfully led the fight against a Soda Tax in the City of Davis.

The Board of Directors of Region Restaurants is comprised of the top industry leaders from Sacramento, who include:

Henry de Vere White, de Vere’s Irish Pub


Overbearing Scheduling Requirements

Kept a proposal from being heard that would require unnecessary new scheduling rules on local restaurants.

Repealing Chain Regulation on Local Restaurants
Overturned a practice that allowed agency staff to require small local restaurants to meet the notification and regulatory requirements of chain restaurants.


Employer Bill of Rights

Pass an employer Bill of Rights that guarantees that no new regulations or fee increases will be passed on business without an economic impact report by industry segment.