Region Finance is a trade association of Region Business for community banks and related institutions.

A core component to advancing regional economic growth is improving the access to capital that businesses in our region can secure. This means we need to grow our local and community banking institutions, because they are the most invested in our community.

At local banks, loan approvals and other key decisions are made by staff who live in the community and understand the local needs of the business community. We understand that when money, accounts, and financial decisions stay local, the region benefits greatly.

Unfortunately, in the greater Sacramento region local governments don’t create priorities for community banks in their lending practices, Region Finance will change this and take on many other issues.

The Board of Directors of Region Finance will be comprised of the top industry leaders from Sacramento banking and finance Industry.


Keeping Money Here Locally

Advocating for local jurisdictions and regional corporations to use local community banks

Educating the Public

Create a public awareness and media campaign on the benefits local banking and highlighting their positive community impact

Catalyzing Success for Small Business

Provide easier access and removing barriers for local small businesses to start or expand.