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The Economic Growth Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that focuses on business retention, economic research, and partnerships with our elected leaders in serving the community.

Philanthropic Partnerships with Public Officials: The Economic Growth Institute provides an outlet for businesses and elected officials to give back to the community that they are in. This includes backpack giveaways to students in need, over 3,000 turkeys provided to families for Thanksgiving, funds for field trips for schools that cannot afford the expense, and many other activities that support the community.

Training for Permit Simplicity Certification Program: A program of the Economic Growth Institute, Permit Simplicity is a one day permitting program based upon a program from the City of Phoenix with local customization for the Sacramento regional market area. Permit Simplicity allows businesses to obtain a permit for improvements to an existing building in one day. Under this program, plans prepared by a designated, pre-qualified professional architect or engineer will be reviewed by the jurisdiction at the permit counter and a permit will be issued the next day. The Economic Growth Institute administers the certification training for this program in conjunction with our participating public agencies.

The Board of Directors of Economic Growth Institute is comprised of:

Chet Fite, Fite Properties
Board of Directors:
Scott Maxwell, Unger Construction
Lisa Nicolls, Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld
Dan Ramos, RAMCO Enterprises
Jon Blackstad, Five Star Bank
Chuck Hack, Lionakis
David Temblador, Harrison Temblador Hungerford & Johnson


Learning Best Practices Through Study Missions

The Economic Growth Institute has successfully led study missions to Indianapolis and Austin with specific agenda’s around learning from their tourism business. We will continue to organize relevant study missions on hot topics where best practices may inform our regional leaders.

Region Business Retention & Expansion

We are actively engaged in supporting our region’s businesses.  This means problem solving and helping these business grow and stay in our region. We are partnerships established with local and state agencies to help businesses navigate regulatory barriers, find economic resources, and other means of support. 

Permit Simplicity

Expanding Permit Simplicity to other jurisdictions.